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'Music tourism' creates £2.2bn for UK economy

With 120,000 Glastonbury tickets selling out in just over an hour, so-called music tourism is proving to be very big business in the UK.


Why the Music Industry Doesn't Care About Selling Music Anymore

In today's new music industry of peer-to-peer file sharing, download stores, and on-demand streams, it's hard enough for an artist to make money by selling their music.

Digital Music News

Classical Music Hell Week

Washington's shutdown drama is not the only one currently on offer: classical music in America is enduring its own hell week, the most significant crisis to affect the industry since the Great Recession took hold in 2008.

The New Yorker

Music Industry Celebrates Live Music Act Anniversary

The Musicians' Union (MU) and UK Music are today celebrating the first anniversary of the Live Music Act coming into effect by publishing a report on its impact at a roundtable in the Cornerhouse in Manchester.

Press Party

Meet the Free Market Royalty Act, an Elegant Solution to Some Complex Issues

The bill accomplishes two principal goals: Watt starts the process of getting the government out of the music business by eliminating the compulsory license for digital audio transmissions, and extends the sound recording public performance right to all audio performances.


After 70 Years, New York City Opera Prepares its Final Bow

In Handel's Julius Caesar, Cleopatra sings the lament, "I will weep for my fate."


New Zealand introduces 'Single Music License' for public performances

Proving yet again that New Zealand are light-years ahead, licensing agencies APRA and PPNZ Music Licensing have introduced the Single Music License.

The Music Network

Home taping didn’t kill the music industry, but it did change it forever

The cassette tape was introduced to the music-buying public 50 years ago last week.


Breaking Into The Music Business Today

Whether you love making music, or love listening to it, there are now more ways than ever to break into the music business.


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