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There's More Behind Spotify's Artist Direct Upload Strategy Than Meets The Eye

In a surprise announcement, Spotify will now allow indie artists to bypass distributors like CD Baby and TuneCore and directly upload their songs to the platform.


Could SiriusXM’s buyout of Pandora finally deliver the first true ‘full-stack’ music company?

On a fateful summer afternoon two years ago, SiriusXM took a swing and a miss.

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Universal parie sur un marché africain dépassant l'Europe d'ici dix ans

Universal Music France supervise une nouvelle filiale du géant de la musique pour l'Afrique francophone. Le but affiché est d'abord de faire prospérer un marché local, pas de dénicher des talents pour les développer ailleurs.

Les Echos

Sorry, Sony Music, you don’t own the rights to Bach’s music on Facebook

Sony Music Entertainment has been forced to abandon its claim that it owned 47 seconds of video of musician James Rhodes using his own piano to play music written by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Ars Technica

Spotify reportedly opening in Middle East, North Africa

The Swedish streamer has not officially confirmed the move.

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​Africa: The Rise of an Undervalued Music Powerhouse

The Sub-Saharan African music industry is a volcano waiting to erupt on the international scene. Talent abounds. The continent boasts a music-hungry population whose average age is under 20. And it is estimated that 500 million African citizens will own smartphones by 2020.


Vine and Transformed the Music Industry - Then disappeared

The story is almost a cliché at this point: a short-form video app gains millions of users, gets acquired by a massive tech conglomerate and reshapes the music industry’s understanding of A&R and celebrity, by treating consumers as producers and stars in their own right.

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Live Nation's grip on music festivals 'stifling competition'

LiveNation owns Ticketmaster, the world’s largest ticketing company, which has a 46% share of the top 61 UK venue box offices. The US firm also manages more than 500 artists and promoted 30,000 concerts globally in 2017.

The Guardian

La tension est à son comble entre Spotify et l’industrie de la musique

Spotify, la plateforme de streaming musical basée à Stockholm, aux 180 millions d’utilisateurs et 75 millions d’abonnés payants, est dans la tourmente.

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