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Music industry

Roger Daltrey says the music industry has been “stolen” from artists

“That is ridiculous, and they’re being robbed blind by streaming and the record companies, because the old deals with record companies that existed in the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties, they’re still working on the same percentage breaks.


Sur Spotify, 99 % des artistes gagnent moins de 10.000 dollars par an

La plateforme de streaming suédoise a révélé avoir versé 7 milliards de dollars aux détenteurs de droits de l'industrie musicale en 2021. C'est près de 20 % de tous les revenus du marché de la musique dans le monde. Déjà leader de l'industrie musicale, Spotify ne cesse d'accroître son avance.

Le Echos

Volver a "rebobinar": el renacer del cassette en la industria musical

En los tiempos que corren en donde predomina el consumo de música en 'streaming' ha habido un renacer de los formatos del siglo pasado que se creían obsoletos, tales como el famoso cassette.


Yes, blockchain might well revolutionise music royalties. no, it’s not going to happen anytime soon

Whenever we are presented with exciting new technological ideas and advancements, whether it’s self-driving cars, VR or blockchain technology, we often overestimate the effect it may have on our lives in the short term, whilst under-estimating any long term impact.

Music Business Worldwide

In 2021, Latine Music Reached ​​Highest Revenue Figures in 16 Years

It’s been an enormous year for Latine music. We’ve witnessed Latine artists such asBad Bunny and Anitta go from being their city’s emerging pop stars to global domination.


Music Fans Are Drowning Out the Fed

For now, the music industry is growing too strongly to worry about rising interest rates.


One year after Spotify entered Pakistan, musicians are cautiously optimistic

Pakistani artists have struggled to monetize their work. Some think the streaming platform has the power to fix what’s wrong with the industry.

Rest of World

Les tempos africains gagnent leur propre classement au Billboard

La référence de l’industrie musicale américaine lance un “Afrobeats music chart”. Signe du succès incontestable d’artistes mêlant sons d’Afrique à la pop, au rap, ou au R’n’B, tels Burna Boy ou Innoss’B.


El CD de música resurge con el primer aumento de ventas desde 2004

En música, el CD Audio dominó por completo la industria hasta que llegó el streaming, provocando grandes cambios en los formatos de distribución de contenido multimedia y caídas estrepitosas en los formatos físicos.


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