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The Next Big Thing You Missed: ‘Eternal Kickstarter’ Reinvents Indie Art

The idea came to Jack Conte at the nadir of his financial and artistic desperation. The bearded half of indie-rock duo Pomplamoose had just maxed out his credit cards after plowing way too much money into his latest solo music video.


Crowdfunding the arts in South Africa

Money for a Monteverdi melody, and Bach for their buck. The Cape Consort is a Cape Town-based ensemble in search of investment to help them put on a concert.

Africa Review

Researcher shows music industry building walls to limit data

Major record labels have capitalized on iTunes to maintain the same advantages that they held previously through physical media distribution networks.

Do It Yourself: Comparing Successful Record Label Models

A panel at the recent Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) discussed the role of record labels since the turn of the century, with a particular focus on the success of DIY labels, reports the blog of the music industry conference Midem.

The Journal of Music

Tanzania: Ministry Vow to Help Musicians Get Royalties

Making sure musicians receive royalties for their songs, is one of the things promised by the Ministry of Information, Youth, Culture and Sports.

All Africa

Swedish Artists Are Now Threatening Legal Action Over Streaming Royalties

"We're saying that labels aren't even allowed to give out this digital content to begin with. So we want our music deleted, from every streaming platform. That way, we can start from scratch and start re-negotiating and see where it lands."

Digital Music News

'Unsound', a Documentary About What Really Happened to Musicians

A short video documentary from producer, composer, engineer and now activist Mikael Eldridge, who has spent the past two years making a film about the realities musicians actually face in a digitized industry.

Digital Music News

MusicBiz competition to fight copyright crime

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has recently launched 'MusicBiz', a competition aimed at helping 14-18 year olds better understand how artists, songwriters and bands are rewarded for their creativity.

Music Teacher Magazine

The LSE paper on copyright and creative industries - theory over reality

A new paper by the London School of Economics (LSE) claims that copyright infringement does not hurt the creative industries and that measures designed against it are not effective.


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