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Streaming Utopia: Imagining Digital Music's Perfect World

Maria Yanez might be the present-day music industry's ideal customer. The 36-year-old from Long Beach, Calif., owns roughly 1,000 vinyl records.


Tiny Music Royalties Add Up, Unexpectedly

There hasn't been a lot of good news for musicians on the income front since the Internet came along and halved the size of the record industry.


5 Reasons The Major Labels Didn't Really Blow It With Napster

Pundits are fond of saying that the major labels blew it by suing Napster instead of doing a deal with them.


L'affaire Vulnicura: le leak est-il un fléau pour l'industrie musicale?

Avec les risques de fuite sur internet, la sortie d'un disque s'apparente désormais plus à une gestion de crise qu'à une campagne promo. La preuve avec la sortie en catastrophe de Vulnicura, le dernier album de Björk.


Music labels looking for a piece of Apple Music subscription fees

Music labels, hell-bent to "bring booty back" to the industry, are hoping to convince Apple to hand over an unusually large slice of the monthly subscription fees from its soon-to-arrive paid streaming service.

New York Post

Ghana: Let the Music Pay!

Without a doubt, music has moved from being a pastime to a multi-million dollar industry around the globe, putting more than just food on the table for musicians, as well as other professionals within the arts and entertainment industry.

All Africa

The State of Music Distribution in China

Much of the initial enthusiasm that accompanied the opening up of the Chinese music industry with the advent of the internet, usually supplemented by a hopeful but misguided reference to 1.3 billion people parting with their money, has since whittled down to a more pragmatic approach.

The Global Outpost

Zambia: 'No Political Will in Music Industry'

Veteran reggae artiste Chris Aka says there is need for serious political will and a vibrant recording company for the Zambian music industry to rekindle its lost glory.

All Africa

Spotify, Pandora help slow decline in record sales

The proportion of sales from digital destinations equaled those from physical formats for the first time.

The Japan Times

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