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Music industry

‘Don’t Sell Your Sh-t Away’: Why a New Crop of Viral Acts Is Shunning Major Labels

Guitarist Will Paquin and other rising stars are realizing that the old music industry may not have much to offer them. Could a more artist-friendly model be emerging?

Rolling Stones

La bataille de l'audio spatial fait rage entre les services de streaming

Si les services de streaming en ont terminé avec cette bien mauvaise habitude de signer des exclusivités avec des artistes et leurs maisons de disques, la bataille s'est déplacée sur un autre terrain, celui des technologies d'écoute.


El streaming salvó a la industria musical en 2021

Berlín. La industria musical alemana salvó la crisis por la pandemia de coronavirus gracias al éxito de los servicios de streaming y al efecto reconfortante del consumo de música en casa, según cifras dadas a conocer hoy.

La Jornada

Anghami & Sony’s New Music Label: A Gamechanger for Arab Artists?

Vibe Music Arabia is looking to fill the many gaps that exist in the regional music ecosystem with a view to amplifying the voices of the incredible amount of talent in the Middle East.

Cairo Scene

"We should be more bullish at the negotiating table."

At the end of the 19th century, Thomas Ava Edison invented a sound recording machine with a tinfoil format. Alexander Graham Bell took the idea one step further, invented a wax format and patented it. The manufacturing of gramophones didn’t pick up because of the resistance of stenographers, who were accustomed to recording spoken word via the use of shorthand. The game-changer for big tech at the time came in 1888 with Louis Glass’ nickel-in-the-slot ‘entertainment’ cylinders.

Music Business Worldwide

Boycott Spotify? Cut up your music instead to get money you deserve

It is well known that musicians do not make very much on streaming sites, so should be stop using sites like Spotify all together? Artist and activist MegMarie thinks so.


African music industry: An outlook of trends in 2022

2021 has been an incredible and record-setting year for the African music industry and everybody will agree that its music has never more been more popular around the world.

The Guardian Nigeria

L’industrie du vinyle a battu des records de ventes en 2021

Selon un dernier rapport publié par le BPI en cette fin d’année 2021, les vinyles ont représenté 23 % des ventes de disques au Royaume-Uni.

Les InRocks

Warner compra los derechos de la música de David Bowie

La prisa por apoderarse de los lucrativos repertorios atemporales de los gigantes de la música continúa: el grupo estadounidense Warner Music anunció este lunes que había comprado los derechos de toda la obra musical del difunto rockero británico David Bowie , el último acto de una fuerte tendencia impulsada por el streaming y la pandemia de covid-19.


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