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La cripto-música al rescate

Habrá quien piense que el mundo se ha vuelto loco, otra vez. Los síntomas detectados incluyen la venta hace unos días de un collage digital del artista Beeple por 58,5 millones de euros.

La Vanguardia

Looking Out For Each Other with The Real Music Wages Database

The Real Music Wages Database is an anonymous, crowd-sourced list of real wage transactions reported by musicians. We track how much someone has been paid, who paid them, and how many hours of work it involved.

New Music Box

NFTs for copyrights: Why non-fungible tokens could transform who gets paid from music rights, and how

The dirty little secret of these transactions? People are buying unique digital collectibles – but they aren’t buying any underlying rights.

Music Business Worldwide

Trends that will reshape the music industry

A third of musicians could leave the industry due to the financial losses brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, a report cited by NME says. The research was carried out by the Musicians’ Union, who are calling on the UK government to provide greater assistance to those affected in the industry.

Business Review

En 2020, la musique enregistrée a résisté, grâce à l’essor du streaming

Pendant le confinement, la diffusion numérique s’est imposée, au détriment des CD. Les ventes de vinyles progressent.

Le Monde

Estudio mapea por primera vez la industria de la música en Chile

El Observatorio Digital de la Música Chilena (ODMC), con apoyo del Ministerio de Economía, Fomento y Turismo, CORFO y Chilecreativo, lanzó un estudio inédito que tiene por objetivo visibilizar y dar cuenta de la magnitud de la industria de la música y espectáculos de Chile, y su aporte a la economía.


Music industry faces mental health 'crisis' as COVID-19 takes toll on vulnerable workers

Last year, Victorian production manager Jenny Moon attended the funerals of half a dozen people from the music industry who took their own lives or died because of mental health-related issues.


The music industry makes more money but has more mouths to feed

In 1984, a mere 6,000 music albums were released in the UK. Today, streaming services make available a similar volume — 55,000 new songs — every single day.

Financial Times

Music business: Is musical talent the new commodity?

Monetization of an artist’s craft has always been a tricky issue. It is also a bifurcated one: Very few top names earn big money and the vast majority just get by, if even that.

Arab News

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