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South Korea now has more than 10m paying music subscribers

Around one in five people in South Korea now subscribe to a music streaming service, as the country’s golden age for music – and for the music industry – shows little sign of abating.


Blockchain Music Companies Reshaping a Troubled Music Industry

Did Napster kill the music industry? Depends on who you ask. Some will say yes, while others will argue the revolution of peer-to-peer music sharing platforms was an inevitable byproduct of technology (a.k.a., the times they are a changin').

Built In

Wyclef Jean veut soutenir l’industrie musicale en Afrique et dans les pays en voie de développement

Les artistes des pays africains et dans les pays en développement peuvent désormais compter sur le soutien de Wyclef Jean. Le chanteur haïtien-américain et son groupe Carnival World Music ont débloqué 25 millions de dollars de fonds d’investissement pour les soutenir.

Afrik Mag

Top of the flops: is streaming rendering the charts obsolete?

Record companies might disagree, but exclusives, eligibility algorithms, bundling and ‘streaming farms’ are threatening to ruin the Top 40.

The Guardian

Music’s global evolution: K-Pop, China, and Eastern Europe

“Imagine if we have 97 million users every month and just 2.5 million paying subscribers [now], how interesting the next 10 years will be!”.


Has Amazon Already Figured Out the Future of the Music Streaming Business?

In order to grow, streaming services may need to offer customers more, better, and cheaper subscription options — something Amazon is already doing.

Rolling Stones

A music artist says Apple Music pays her 4 times what Spotify does per stream

Spotify and Apple Music are the two dominant players in the music-streaming market and they might seem the same to many consumers, with similar features and pricing. But because of the system by which artists are paid, they can vary wildly in the royalty rates they pay out.

Business Insider

State of the Industry: Major Label vs. Non-Major Label Regional Performance

In an effort to assess how different labels fared during the industry transition to streaming, the good people at Chartmetric breakdown different trends of music from the past three years across seventeen different markets.


Apple Music se lance dans le streaming pour entreprise

Alors que Spotify ou Deezer offrent déjà des playlists musicales pour les commerces, hôtels ou restaurants, Apple Music se lance à son tour, en partenariat avec PlayNetwork, déjà bien connu sur ce marché. 

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