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5 Music Industry Predictions 2019

With the music business in a constant state of tumultuous evolution, 2019 is shaping up to be a wild year for the industry. Here we look at five major developments we're likely to see unfolding in the coming months.


What Netflix’s ‘choose-your-own-soundtrack’ paradigm reveals about the future of the music industry

What if you could choose the soundtrack to your favorite film or TV show? Or what if a movie on a streaming service could personalize its soundtrack algorithmically to your tastes – and monitor your consumption behavior to inform future curation?

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La musique en streaming va-t-elle sonner la fin de l’album ?

Depuis trois ans, le streaming est devenu le moyen de vente n°1 de musique en France. Si bien que l’industrie musicale s’est largement tournée vers ce mode d’écoute. Mais que pensent les artistes de cette manière d’aborder la musique ? Cela a-t-il un impact sur leur création ? Et sur leur façon de faire des albums ?


Why has Sony Music just launched a streaming service (and Spotify rival) in Japan?

The arrival of mora qualitas builds on an existing Hi-Res download service, mora, with which SMEJ has been involved for more than five years.

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Rich Asians Turn to Music After Betting on Soccer Craze

Asia’s legions of wealthy investors are getting a chance to profit from the boom in music streaming as Spotify and its peers gain popularity.


Apple acquires A&R and creative services company Platoon

Platoon has developed a raft of early-stage artists in the UK and US over the past two years who have gone on to make waves in the global business.

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Anghami bring Shazam rival to the Middle East

The Middle East will be able to scan and discover tracks thanks to the region’s biggest music streaming service Anghami.

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Latin America Has 640 Million People. Why Are Fewer Than 5% of Them Paying for Streaming?

Streaming music subscriptions are exploding in regions like North America and Western Europe. But why isn’t the same thing happening in musical hotbeds like Latin America?

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La petite musique du streaming alternatif

Assurer une juste rémunération des artistes et promouvoir la diversité musicale, c’est le pari que tentent de relever de nouveaux acteurs inscrits dans l’économie collaborative.

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