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These might be the 5 most powerful people in the music business

Despite none of them working in the music business.

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The economics of streaming is making songs shorter

Popular music is shrinking. From 2013 to 2018, the average song on the Billboard Hot 100 fell from 3 minutes and 50 seconds to about 3 minutes and 30 seconds.


Mystery Artists, Tracks Hacked Into Spotify Accounts To Generate Fake Streams

Spotify new Mysterious artists and tracks are showing up again on Spotify and being hacked into user accounts and playlists, apparently to generate fake streams and undeserved income, according to a new BBC report.


L'album est-il vraiment voué à mourir?

On dit le format démocratisé dans les années 1960 condamné à disparaître face à un modèle de streaming valorisant le single. Culturellement, il a pourtant encore de beaux jours devant lui.


Spotify’s most personalized playlist is now for sale to brands

Discover Weekly was a triumph of algorithm and curation, and now it’s an ad product.


The African Music Industry Top Players

The African Music Industry is very diverse. Making it “big” in the African music scene is almost impossible if an upcoming artist is not in contact with a “big player” in the industry.


Classical listens surge as genre outperforms rest of music industry

The number of plays of classical music increased by more than 10% in 2018, with the genre growing faster than the UK music industry at large.


The Lazarus effect: how the music industry saved itself

The collapse of HMV looks like a nail in the coffin for a music industry long declared “dead”. But music sales are higher than in the glory days of Britpop.

New Statesman

Tout pour la playlist

Figurer sur une «liste de lecture» très suivie de Spotify ou de Deezer est un formidable accélérateur de notoriété pour un artiste. Derrière ces playlists, des algorithmes évidemment, mais aussi des éditeurs en chair et en os, qu’il faut savoir convaincre.


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