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Music Makes Up 5% of All Content on YouTube — And 20% of Total Views

Despite being one of the lowest paying royalty platforms, music is the number one format for engagement on YouTube.

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K-Pop Is More Global Than Ever

In 2018, the South Korean music market experienced a 17.9% increase in revenue growth, and it was described as “shifting from ‘potential’ to ‘power player.’” The country also ranked at No. 6 among the top 10 music markets worldwide.


In China’s Fan Economy, Devoted Fans Will Do Anything for their Pop Idols

A report by the securities firm Zhongtai predicts that the fan economy and idol industry could reach a staggering CNY 100 billion by 2020. But the issue here can be gleaned by the language used: “economy”, “industry”.

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Album Bundles Are Causing Conflicts Within The Music Industry

The Billboard charts have been around for decades, proving to artists and fans which records are the hottest-selling in the industry. However, album bundles have tarnished the charts’ reputation, making insiders question: who really hit No. 1?

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How to get a head start in the music industry without signing to a label

If you're gunning for a big break in the music industry, you'll generally have your sights set on achieving one major goal: getting signed to a record label. But is this an outdated goal to have?


Comment le streaming a tué iTunes

L’achat à l’unité de musique opté par Itunes, qui contrôlait 63% du marché en 2013, a perdu la partie face aux offres de streaming par abonnement.


Record labels are spending more and more on signing (and paying) artists…

It is no secret that major record companies now struggle to ink deals with artists in accordance with the contracts these companies were once able to get signed.

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Forget the DJs: Spotify playlists are the new musical starmakers

The streaming giant’s blessing can lead to fame, but is there room for innovation amid the algorithms?

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Sofar Sounds house concerts raises $25M, but bands get just $100

In some cases, Sofar pays just $100 per band for a 25 minute set, which can work out to just $8 per musician per hour or less. Hosts get nothing, and Sofar keeps the rest, which can range from $1,100 to $1,600 or more per gig.

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