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Music industry

Over 1,000 songs with human-mimicking AI vocals have been released by Tencent Music in China

For one thing, the mind inevitably wanders to the fact that over 100,000 tracks are now being uploaded to major global music streaming services every single day.

Music Business Worldwide

10 years ago, Warner Music’s Top 5 superstars generated 15% of its revenue

One of the most dramatic impacts that streaming has had on the record industry is been the democratization of listening.

Music Business Worldwide

The days of cheap music streaming may be numbered

Apple Music gets a price hike, and Spotify may be ready to debut its Platinum Plan.

The Verge

Et si les pionniers de la musique à prix libre avaient eu raison avant tout le monde?

Il y a quinze ans, Radiohead cassait les codes et laissait son public choisir le prix à payer pour écouter son nouvel album. Aujourd'hui, la généralisation du streaming donne à cette pratique un nouveau sens.


Amazon Music revela que la guerra del streaming ha saltado a la música

Estamos muy al tanto de la guerra del streaming en plataformas audiovisuales. El choque entre 'La Casa del Dragón' y 'El Señor de los Anillos: Los Anillos de Poder' ha simbolizado la guerra este año, protagonizada por una habitual en estas lides, HBO Max, y una recién llegada que a golpe de talonario se está abriendo pasos a codazos, Prime Video. Es la segunda de ellas, precisamente, la que aspira al trono en otra zona de las plataformas de contenido: la musical.


Record Labels Say AI Music Generators Threaten Music Industry

The RIAA says AI music generators will be trained on copyrighted music, the same way popular image generators are based on billions of images taken by artists.


The overseas giants swallowing Australia’s live music industry

Senior music industry figures are for the first time sounding the alarm over the takeover of the Australian live music industry by US-based corporate giants, including a company that counts the government of Saudi Arabia as one of its biggest shareholders.

The Sydney Morning Herald

Elon Musk says Twitter will soon ‘share revenue with content creators’. Will that include music?

Looking at Twitter’s upcoming changes through a music industry lens, one of the most interesting updates of all is the news that Musk plans to offer monetization to “content creators” via a new (as-of-yet unspecified) revenue-sharing model.


Industrie de la musique, voici les revenus générés en Afrique

Avec l’ère de la digitalisation, l’industrie de la musique connaît une explosion. Quel est l’état des lieux du marché actuel et que représente la part de ce secteur d’activité sur le continent africain ? La question se pose au moment où des acteurs se réunissent à Abidjan pour le premier Salon des industries musicales d’Afrique francophone (SIMA).

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