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Musicians Warning Fans about the Music industry

It’s no secret that the music industry is filled with countless pitfalls and scams. It’s especially difficult to be an artist in the industry, and these successful musicians used their platform to warn fans.


This payments and distribution platform is fighting the music industry's 'starving artist' culture

While the number of superstars has increased, so has a growing pool of mid-sized artists - musicians who still rely on streaming and touring revenue as their main source of income. Without the backing of large labels, many artists are jumping through hoops for each paycheck.

Business Insider

Virtual artists are an opportunity for the music business

It’s almost impossible to be a musical artist these days without constantly posting on social media, but there is a growing awareness of the mental toll of “winning” the content game.

Music Business Worldwide

Le numérique donne un deuxième souffle à la musique classique

Après de nombreuses années de déclin, vinyles et streaming redonnent de la vigueur aux grandes œuvres. Mais pas aux artistes.

Tribune de Genève

YouTube Music da la nota en la guerra dominada por Spotify

En un abrir y cerrar de ojos, Google anunciaba recientemente que ya tiene 50 millones de usuarios suscritos o probando YouTube Music y YouTube Premium, lo que supone un notable aumento respecto a los 30 millones de suscriptores registrados en diciembre del año pasado.

El Economista

The Music Industry Is Cracking Down on ‘Fake Stream’ Operations In Brazil

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) detailed the newest development in its long-running crusade against fake stream services – or those that artificially boost songs’ play totals on streaming platforms in exchange for payment.

Digital Music News

Industry Insiders Share How Covid-19 Has Affected Asia's Music Scene

A silver lining for emerging musicians in Asia during the pandemic is that with international stars unable to tour, they’ve had the spotlight all to themselves. Artists and industry insiders consider how 2020 has redefined music in the region.


Get ready for an explosion in music distributors

Online music distribution has become one of the most talked about segments of the modern entertainment business – with particularly fierce competition in the field for indie artists and label clients.

Music Business Worldwide

Le boom du vinyle fait du tort à l'industrie musicale

Les usines de pressage n’arrivent pas à suivre le rythme de la demande, ce qui provoque des délais terribles.


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