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12 Reasons Why Music Copyright Will Always Be Broken

Think music copyright is a broken mess? Well, it will probably stay that way for a number of long list of reasons.

Digital Music News

CD ripping to be made legal in UK this summer

A UK Copyright Exception that will make it legal for consumers to rip music from CDs for personal use will come into effect into June, it has been announced.

Music Week

Japan's music market decline

With tales of the music industry's demise being relayed for a while now, it should come as little surprise that a 3.9 per cent slump in 2013 global music sales was announced last week.

The Indipendent 

Pourquoi le japon plombe l'industrie mondiale de la musique

Encore ultradépendant du CD, placé au centre du business délirant de la J-pop, le marché japonais est un monde à part où le téléchargement et le streaming sont négligés.


Artists Embrace Online Music Platform in Zimbabwe

Music pirates' days of reaping where they did not sow may soon be over.

All Africa

Spotify Plans To Own The Online Music Market In Asia

How Spotify is going to take over the market for online music in Asia. An interview with the new regional director.


IFPI's 2014 Digital Music Report

The Report provides a comprehensive overview of developments in the licensed online marketplace, detailing how record companies have transformed their business models for the digital age, showcasing markets around the world and explaining the industry's efforts to tackle online piracy.


L’industrie musicale fonde beaucoup d’espoirs dans le streaming

Dans un marché musical dont les revenus mondiaux ont reculé de près de 4 % en 2013, le streaming connaît une croissance spectaculaire.

La Croix

The Price of Music

Will the recorded music industry ever grow again? Since 1999, the industry has been in rapid decline as CDs became unbundled into downloaded singles.



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