Music education

Playing an Instrument Changes Our Perception of Music

The musical instrument you play, or played as a child, likely has a big impact on how you perceive music every day.


Music education can have tremendous payoff despite high costs

High student interest in music courses requires administrators to enlist help from community to provide instruments and materials.

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Using film music in the classroom

There are many approaches to using film music in the classroom including: a focus on pupil experience; a focus on the structure of composition; a focus on the relationship between music and image.

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Learning music early can make your child a better reader

Neuroscience has found a clear relationship between music and language acquisition. Put simply, learning music in the early years of schooling can help children learn to read.

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The Tragic Decline of Music Literacy (and Quality)

Public school music programs have been in decline since the 1980's, often with school administrations blaming budget cuts or needing to spend money on competing extracurricular programs.

Intellectual Takeout

Successful Music Career?

Here we list the 7 main skills you need to possess in order to be successful in your music career, or better, in life!

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Why your brain actually needs music

Learning to play a musical instrument challenges your brain in a dynamic way, which is enjoyable and fulfilling, but important for your brain's development.

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10 œuvres pour faire découvrir la musique classique aux enfants

Vous souhaitez accompagner votre enfant dans la découverte de la musique classique ? Vaste programme. Comment l'intéresser ? Et surtout : quelles œuvres choisir ?

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Recovering Onstage After a Mistake

As the saying goes, mistakes happen, but when you’ve worked hard to prepare a piece, it’s an important performance or audition, or it’s a spot in the music you usually nail without any issue, the effects of a noticeable flub can be devastating.


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