Music education

Top musicians warn of 'decay' of instrument learning

A group of top musicians have launched a campaign to ensure all primary school children are given the chance to learn to play an instrument without it costing their families.


Making music builds a more efficient brain

There's new evidence that the brains of musicians and bilinguals require less effort to perform cognitive tasks.

Pacific Standard

Mapping music education

“Even though as a music business journalist I write a lot about conflict and decline and all the challenges, actually, the 21st century is a great time to be a creator. In fact, it is probably the greatest time in human history to be of a creative inclination – to want to create music, songs, recordings or – indeed – any form of creativity. Because creative tools and a potential global audience are now sitting online to be grabbed by all”.

Complete Music Update

Les pouvoirs de la musique

Quels effets a-t-elle sur la curiosité, l’attention et la mémorisation ? Quel impact sur la lecture ou le raisonnement mathématique ?

France Inter

Why is there a crisis in music education?

However, is the crisis – if indeed there is a crisis – all about how much time and money government and individual schools allocate to formal music education, whether that be music class or instrument lessons?

Complete Music Update

What this blind, autistic pianist can teach us about music education

Watching Derek Paravicini’s fingers pulsate majestically across the piano keys, one gets the impression his dexterous fingers could achieve just about anything he wanted them to.


Math, Music and Imagination

Math can be experienced as play much as music is—just what’s needed to enlarge the tribe of creative problem solvers in mathematics and other human disciplines.

Scientific American

Il faut faire rentrer la musique classique dans nos écoles

La musique classique doit cesser d'appartenir à une certaine élite et envahir nos salles de classe, ce qui permettra à nos enfants de se frotter à un univers si infini qu'une vie ne suffira pas à en épuiser toutes les merveilles.


Melody—why isn’t it taught?

Melody is one of the four foundational materials—melody, harmony, rhythm, and texture— used to make music.

Oxford University Press

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