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Flea: Removing Music Education From Schools Is 'Child Abuse'

Flea has strong words for politicians looking to cut music-education programs from public schools: "It's child abuse," he says. "It's just wrong."

Rolling Stones

Why music is an education game-changer

While literacy and numeracy are core competencies that every student should have, research has shown that learning music can help students’ self-confidence, self-discipline and team work.

The Educator

Should music teachers strive for perfection or participation?

In the world of music we hear the word ‘talent’ an awful lot. And the general opinion is that some people have a natural talent and others just don’t.


Fender on its music-learning move: ‘we’re not guitar hero’

“This fundamentally changes the nature of how we talk to beginner guitar players. We’ve always sold them guitars and amps, but we’ve never been part of the learning process other than ‘here’s the instrument’."


Don’t Panic, Liberal Arts Majors. The Tech World Wants You.

Surely one day the ability to interface directly with the nanomachinery connected to our brains will render computer science as we know it obsolete.

The New York Times

The Basics Of Music Publishing

A large portion of income for an independent artist (rapper or musician) comes from publishing, of which there are multiple streams.


Should Education Focus Less On The Creative Arts, More On The Art Of Creativity?

Learning to read musical notes and then learning to play those notes in the desired rhythm is not creativity, it's a talent.


How arts education encourages a growth mindset

The way we approach challenges impacts how much we learn from them; a trait we continue to develop throughout our lives.

Arts Hub

How learning to play the piano can save your life

“It inspires you, it grows your imagination, it nourishes you in places that go beneath words and beneath pictures and images... it’s something that kind of polishes your soul.”


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