Music education

Liberal Arts in the Data Age

College students who major in the humanities always get asked a certain question. They’re asked it so often — and by so many people — that it should come printed on their diplomas.


To foster a love of art in children, we must teach it at primary school

If we want children to value art, we must give them access to it early on in life. Here’s how primary schools can make space for creativity.

The Guardian

How best to introduce your child to playing music

Group classes, just to get them exposed to music and having fun with it, is going to be more beneficial.

Irish Times

Les formations à la comédie musicale en France

La comédie musicale est à la mode et le genre séduit de plus en plus de jeunes. Peut-on s'y former en France ?

France Musique

'Music is an invaluable resource when it comes to children's mental health – and yet it's under attack'

Music sparks creativity, taps into emotions and helps young people to understand their own being, says one musician – it has a powerful ability to help children stay mentally healthy.


How Do You Explain Harmony to a Child ... or Herbie Hancock?

When you’re at a family cookout and a five-year-old asks you to explain the mysteries of life or the current state of geopolitics, you’ve got two options: You can either make something up and hope they never ask again, or just tell them enough to provide a basic grasp of the concept.


An introduction to sound engineering

Although it is inextricable from all areas where sound is produced, manipulated and presented, it is arguably most central in the world of music.

Music in Africa

Handicap : la musique pour avancer

Une leçon de piano pas comme les autres, où l'élève est autiste et non-voyante.

France TV

Mariachi Is Inspiring a Revolution in Music Education

Acoustic guitars are flying off the shelves at Iowa-based West Music, one of the country’s largest and oldest distributors of instruments for schools and school districts.

Acoustic Guitar

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