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La BBC retourne sur les bancs de l'école

En réponse aux coupes successives des budgets du gouvernement britannique dédiés à l'éducation musicale à l'école, la BBC dévoile BBC Music, projet éducatif à l'échelle nationale, destiné à soutenir la musique à l'école.

France Musique

The neuroscience of music learning

Music can literally catch and hold our attention, partly because it snaps us out of the ordinary cadence of speech, it's fun, and hits both of what scientists tell us our brains seeks – pleasure and patterns.


Simon Rattle to conduct unique children’s orchestra during London Residency

100 musicians aged 11-21 get the musical chance of a lifetime.


Singing: use it or you’ll lose it

Singing may not be so much a natural talent as it is a learned skill—one that researchers say can decline over time if not used.


Arts Education Matters: We Know, We Measured It

Though the arts receive relatively little attention from policymakers and school leaders, exposing young people to art and culture can have a big impact on their development.

Coalition for Cultural Diversity

La musique booste (durablement) les capacités cognitives

Une éducation musicale "intensive" commencée avant 14 ans et poursuivie pendant 10 années retarderait le déclin cognitif une fois atteint un âge avancé.

Sciences et Avenir

Jazz is practice plus innovation

When Kei Akagi played piano in Miles Davis' band, the iconic trumpeter once gave him a simple and eloquent guideline: "I don't care what you do as long as you mean it."

Daily Pilot

Chinese conductor sees new bridges with West

China's leading conductor and member of the IMC Executive Board, Long Yu sets a goal of expanding his orchestra's exposure to the world as well as showcasing the diversity of Chinese music.

Channel News Asia

Arts Education: The Need for More Arts Teachers in School

Increasingly, even when schools do have arts instruction, it is a single music or art teacher trying valiantly to serve an entire school, often providing only the most superficial level of arts instruction to each student, making it impossible to engage in high-level "art-making" education.

Huffington Post

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