Music education

The Irony of Specialized High Schools

Partaking in an intensive arts education as a teenager can have the unintended effect of pushing some toward a more traditional university path.

The Atlantic

‘It's appalling that music is neglected in schools’

Andrew Lloyd Webber has spoken out about the empowering force of music, and the disastrous effect of music cuts in schools.

Classic FM

Le Programme pour le Développement de la Musique Africaine met en réseau les universités de l’Afrique de l’Est

Deux instituts de formation musicale en Afrique de l'Est ont bénéficié de ce projet. Il s’agit du département de musique, de danse et de théâtre de l'Université de Makerere en Ouganda, ainsi que l'école des arts et technologies créatives de l'Université Technique du Kenya (TUK).

Music in Africa

Teach arts, watch kids grow

Arts education has undergone an immense transformation in the school system. It has become less popular these days, unlike the sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM education).

The Star Online

Cantonese opera inspires next generation: art form flourishes in Hong Kong’s schools

Primary and secondary students are discovering a strong connection to their cultural roots when they have the opportunity to participate in Cantonese opera productions.

South China Morning Post

South Africa: Here's Why Music Education Is Essential For Underserved Schools

“I think it’s therapeutic for a lot of kids to learn how to play instruments and give you a chance to vent, give you a chance to release some of the dark energy that we’re all surrounded by right now,” he said. “I think music just allows another way to escape it or another way to process it.”

Huffington Post

The Flip Side of Arts Education in Cuba

There’s no doubt that Cuba’s Arts Education system is a global reference. Since January 1959, the arts and literature were put in everyone’s reach as part of the Revolution’s new cultural policy and society’s poorest classes had the opportunity, for the first time ever, to see their dreams of becoming artists, dancers, musicians, painters, architects or filmmakers come true.

Havana Times

France: Au collège, une chorale par établissement dès 2018?

Chaque collégien aura l'occasion d'avoir deux heures par semaine; il s'agira d'une nouvelle option comme le latin. "C'est la première fois que le chant choral entre dans les programmes et que l'on fait accéder une pratique artistique à ce statut-là d'enseignement", affirme le ministère de l'Education.

Huffington Post

Rethinking the singalong

What I am proposing is that you purposefully put the singalong into a different category in your mind.

Oxford University Press

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