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Music education

Pratiquer la musique dès un jeune âge stimule les connexions neuronales pour la vie

Trois scientifiques neurocognitivistes de l’université de Zurich (Suisse) viennent de publier les résultats d’une étude comparant des scans cérébraux de musiciens (ayant ou non l’oreille absolue) et de non-musiciens.


Aprender música desarrolla el cerebro humano

Especialistas aseguran que aprender a tocar un instrumento permite un mejor control motor y del área auditiva primaria derecha.

Suena Cubano

5 Music Podcasts for Kids

It’s never too early to start your child’s journey to music aficionado. These audio gems can help.

The New York Times

Kodaly method, Hungarian music education gain popularity in China

The Central European country of Hungary has long been famous for its musical achievements. And now, the Kodaly method, a music education system developed there, is gaining popularity in China.


Music and the brain: Why schools should really fund music education more

Music education is more important than many seem to think, and it is high time schools around the world recognize this fact.

The Daily Campus

Apprendre le piano en ligne : le vrai du faux

Peut-on apprendre à faire du piano en autodidacte à l'aide des tutoriels ? Si l'on en juge par la multitude des dispositifs en ligne, et leur multiplication depuis les confinements, on peut même y arriver en 24 heures. Info ou intox ? Décryptage.

France Musique

Los indudables beneficios de aprender a tocar la guitarra en la niñez

Tocar este u otros instrumentos despierta la inteligencia y desarrolla capacidades cognitivas, según los expertos.


Technology in the elementary music classroom after the pandemic

One aspect that became a necessity was teaching with technology. Whether one was teaching remote, in-person with numerous restrictions, or hybrid, technology became a tool that was necessary for an elementary music educator to teach and communicate with their students.

Oxford University Press

Resources for at-home music learning (for teachers and parents)

This ‘live’ page of musical resources for teachers and parents to use during lockdown 3.0 and beyond will be regularly updated as we discover more and new initiatives spring up.


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