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Music education

De la música y la educación en Aristóteles

Para los antiguos, la música fue parte integral de la educación. Hoy, las neurociencias brindan nueva evidencia acerca del porqué. Urge revisar el carácter ornamental de la música en los planes actuales de estudio.

El Heraldo de México

How COVID-19 Changed Music Education In India?

There are various examples of music educators who embraced the inevitable changes during the lockdown and transformed them into a highly enriching learning (and teaching) experience.

BW Education

Five music teachers who changed the face of western classical music

Behind every great composer and musician is support of a teacher. While some went on to have illustrious composing careers of their own, others have been overlooked in the history of music. Here, we name five teachers we think you should know about.

Classical Music

Covid-19 : mettre à profit la pandémie pour apprendre, ou reprendre, la musique

Dans un contexte morose, de nombreux Français ont mis à profit le confinement et le couvre-feu pour apprendre la musique ou ressortir leur instrument.


Profesores de Oxford piensan que la música clásica es «cómplice de la hegemonía blanca»

Varios profesores de la reconocida universidad argumentan que la cátedra es muy «colonizadora» y hace apología a la «supremacía blanca».

La Abeja

Juilliard Must Modernize, or It Will Disappear

A Juilliard-trained violinist argues that more innovative education at music conservatories could reverse classical music’s decline in the face of pop culture.

Rolling Stones

The Best Online Courses for Learning Guitar, Piano and Your Favorite Instruments

If learning an instrument has been on your list for months, years, even decades, right now is an ideal time to dust off that guitar, keyboard, flute, violin, or ukulele and sign up for online lessons.

Rolling Stones

Music Education In The Pandemic And Beyond

School budgets have been hit hard in the last decade — and the COVID-19 pandemic hasn't helped matters.


Pratiquer la musique dès un jeune âge stimule les connexions neuronales pour la vie

Trois scientifiques neurocognitivistes de l’université de Zurich (Suisse) viennent de publier les résultats d’une étude comparant des scans cérébraux de musiciens (ayant ou non l’oreille absolue) et de non-musiciens.


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