Music education

High levels of engagement in lockdown music teaching

Research also shows negative impact of rules barring teachers and pupils from seeing each other during online music lessons.


Education musicale aux Etats-Unis : la musique au service de la communauté

Berceau du jazz, terre d’accueil de nombreux musiciens, patrie des interprètes célèbres et des compositeurs iconoclastes, la vie musicale des Etats-Unis est aussi polymorphe que ses paysages. Comment y devient-on musicien ?

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Aportes de la educación musical a las personas con discapacidad visual en la promoción de la autodeterminación

El objetivo del trabajo fue registrar los aprendizajes develados en la investigación y derivados de la reflexión de la investigadora, en torno al fomento de la autodeterminación en la práctica musical de personas con discapacidad visual.


How Digital Arts and Music Classes Have Been Adapting to Virtual Learning

The landscape of digital arts and music classes is rapidly changing in the midst of at-home and remote learning.

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Reshape Music report outlines challenges for disabled musicians

UK charity Youth Music has published a new report, Reshape Music, which explores the challenges facing disabled musicians ‘in education and beyond’. It’s the result of interviews with hundreds of musicians, music educators and retailers.


174M TikTok Views And Counting

The new #MusicSaves campaign from the Save The Music Foundation has spread virally on TikTok, earning more than 174.3 million cumulative views through crowdsourced contributions from thousands of music-loving creators.


Influencia de la formación musical en el rendimiento académico

La formación musical ha generado un reciente interés en el campo de la educación y la psicología con el aumento de la investigación desde la neurociencia, la cual demuestra sus efectos positivos en el desarrollo tanto a nivel cognitivo como de rendimiento académico.


« La musique a une importance fondamentale dans l'évolution de l'humanité »

La musique est un besoin vital, selon Emmanuel Bigand, professeur chercheur en neurosciences cognitives à l'Université de Bourgogne. Avec la neuroscientifique Barbara Tillman, il publie ces jours-ci l'ouvrage « La symphonie neuronale - Pourquoi la musique est indispensable au cerveau ».

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Building Your Confidence As A Beginner Singer

Many people who are just starting out as singers often struggle with having confidence in their abilities, which can often negatively impact their performance, even if the talent is there. Here, we look at some actionable tips for ratcheting up your confidence as a singer.


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