Music education

Lang Lang: 'In our world, music lessons have become a real challenge'

The lack of music education in state schools could be depriving the industry of future classical talent – and superstar pianist Lang Lang is determined to turn things around.

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Expand their mind with music

Research has found that music is the “horse that pulls the cart” when it comes to children being smarter, more confident and better leaders as they grow up.

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Music education 'risks being outdated by technology'

Music teaching could be left behind in an outdated acoustic age if it does not keep up with technology, an in-depth report says.


Comment la musique peut-elle motiver le cerveau à apprendre ?

L’impact de la musique sur les émotions est bien établi et une nouvelle étude montre qu’il est possible de la mettre à profit pour favoriser certains processus cognitifs comme l’apprentissage.

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10 Best Music Education Apps For 2019

It’s without a doubt that music education is fundamental in the progress of human culture. Just like other subjects such as math, science, and literature, music education helps the student’s confidence, patience, and the pay-off of hard work.

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Why Field Trips And Arts Education Aren't Just Frills

Education policymakers have seen arts classes and cultural field trips as far less important than reading and math skills.


Every child deserves the magic of music

Music is part of the fabric of our society; it sits at the heart of human experience and enriches so many lives.

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Eduquer les oreilles : la musique classique pour tous!

De la flûte à bec au "plan choral", comment transmettre l'amour de la musique classique?

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Youth orchestra for disabled musicians 'major step towards societal change'

Within each music ensemble, participants can choose to use traditional instruments or adaptive music technology, which by using equipment such as iPads and motion sensors allows physically and intellectually challenged musicians to compose, improvise and perform music.

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