Music education

This audio training course helps you hear music like a producer

Have you ever tried and failed to explain the sound of an effect that's been applied to a certain piece of music you love?

The Verge

South Africa: From the Club to the Classroom - All That Jazz Is Good for the Kids

The kids obviously know the moon. They know what it does and how it works. We spoke about the people who landed on the moon - the Frank Sinatra version of the song was also played for the Apollo astronauts. Then they started to learn the song.

All Africa

Australia: Arts leaders wish for key role in government innovation program

“Only one-quarter of the children in Australia have specialised music and arts education in their schools, which I find quite ­shocking. This shocks me not as a practitioner of the arts but as a human being."

The Australian

Zimbabwe: Why Music Education Is Vital

Music education has the potential not only to nurture the emotional development of individual Zimbabwean learners, but also to enhance harmonious social interaction between these learners and aid the country as a whole.

All Africa

Contemporary pop music takes on a Chinese classical twist

Some Chinese classical musicians are adopting contemporary pop into their repertoire to reach out to a younger audience. But not everyone agrees with such experimentation.

Channel News Asia

La musique aide les bébés à apprendre à parler

Les chercheurs ont comparé 20 enfants de neuf mois apprenant à reproduire des rythmes de musique en tapant sur un petit tambour dans un laboratoire à 19 autres nourrissons du même âge jouant avec d'autres jouets, comme des voitures ou des cubes.

Huffington Post

What a Well-rounded Music Education Should Mean for All Students

But what does a well-rounded education mean and is the definition different for different audiences of students?

The Huffington Post

Conservatories at the Crossroads

Every few years comes a knock on the door from critics newly convinced that music conservatories have become irrelevant, and that even the best ones are still too focused on learning how to “wiggle your fingers.”


Why music education needs to incorporate more diversity

How can classrooms become more culturally responsive in their teaching practices in classrooms and foster respectful behavior?

The Conversation

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