Music education

Singing in Early Childhood

When you sing, you use an instrument that belongs only to you. You open and share a part of yourself through its use. We know that early childhood presents a window of opportunity when children are open to all experiences, as they explore their voices and their relationship to the world around them.


Ten ideas for the singer who doesn’t think they can practice on their own

Grab your music and a pencil. Many of these steps can be done in a public place. No need to head to the practice room (stop using that as an excuse).

Doreen Fryling

The Kabul college turning street children into musicians

After years of crippling cultural and artistic censorship at the hands of the Taliban, Afghan music is re-emerging from the rubble. Photojournalist Souvid Datta visited the National Institute of Music, which is offering street children the chance of a better life.

The Guardian

Let's teach kids to listen

Learning to listen is open to anyone, regardless of ability, but it does need to be worked on – especially these days, when most of us have the attention span of a goldfish.

Sinfini Music

Oliver Sacks : ce que la musique fait à notre cerveau

Pourquoi l'homme est-il une espèce musicale? Le neurologue britannique, qui est mort ce 30 août 2015, avait exploré en 2009 les pouvoirs émotionnels et thérapeutiques de la musique.


Music Instruction Can Make for a Smarter Teen

New research finds music lessons produce neural benefits in kids who don't start formal training until high school.

Pacific Standard

Opera education: Overpriced/unnecessary?

Now comes the bit where I tell you what would happen if I ruled the world. It's very simple, of course, but it will never happen. I'd scrap all the opera programmes and just have lots of small-scale opera companies instead, and thus lots of opportunities for singers to go out and perform and grow on stage, in small venues, on tour, five days a week.

Sinfini Music

Music school in Nairobi hits the right note

A school in Kenya's biggest slum is gaining national recognition for an informal music therapy project that helps children overcome traumatic experiences.

The Guardian

Personality Studies Show the Difference Between People Who Play Music and Everyone Else

What drives people to pour hours into making perfectly timed plinking noises with simple brass and stringed instruments?

Music Mic

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