Music education

Algérie: Réhabiliter les professions musicales

« La musique est un moyen de développement humain incontestable, c'est pourquoi il faut une démocratisation la plus large possible de l'apprentissage et de la pratique musicale »

La Dépêche de Kabylie

One Country Is Giving Kids a Music Education That U.S. Children Could Only Dream Of

The Swedish music education system should be the envy of all industrialized nations.

Music Mic

The Tremendous Cognitive Benefits of Teaching Your Kids to Play Music

Over the past six years, since the dawn of the Great Recession, we have seen the quality and quantity of music programs plummet.

Music Mic

India: Tune the Mind for Music in Education

Music education is a necessity rather than a luxury. Cutting music education in favour of other subjects actually deprives a child of the learning the tools that will help him succeed in not only the subjects taught in school, but also in his general listening skills and social interaction.

The New Indian Express

Bringing Music Education Into The 21st Century

Attention, future Coltranes and Guthries! Berklee College of Music President Roger Brown talks about music education and how the industry is changing.


Education in the new economy: STEM plus arts

Ken Robinson, author of the inspiring best-seller "Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative," reminds us that the goal of education should not be to teach subjects, rather to teach students.

SLT Today

France: L'Éducation artistique et culturelle "un engagement au long cours"

L'Éducation artistique et culturelle compte parmi les chevaux de bataille de la ministre de la Culture.


Michelle Obama pushes for music, arts in schools at awards lunch

First Lady Michelle Obama took to an entertainment-industry pulpit in Los Angeles to stump for expanding the role of arts in education, saying that 6 million children in the U.S. have no exposure to any form of arts in school.

Los Angeles Times

India: Need for formalized music education

It is not often that you find your teacher using a keyboard instead of a blackboard, but no one's complaining at Goa University (GU).

The Times of India

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