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Rwanda: Entertainment Industry Gets First Music School

A new school of music that opened at the weekend is a boon for the industry as it will help nurture great singers who can perform to international standards.

All Africa

We need to think differently to give our children a better music education

'The education sector is in danger of settling for musical "experiences" that introduce and engage young audiences but have no clear target to strive for'.


What is the most important issue in music education today?

The temperature is falling, the leaves are turning, and students are making their way back at school.

Oxford University Press

Australia: Primary school teachers to get elite mentors to boost music in state schools

"The positive academic and social impact of a quality school-based arts education has long been recognised with many demonstrated positive impacts, including on academic achievement, school attendance and social cohesion"

News Com

Radio France encourage l’éducation artistique et culturelle

Radio France affiche son ambition d'ouverture et de partage de l'information, de la culture et de la connaissance au plus grand nombre.

La Lettre

A Musical Fix for American Schools

American education is in perpetual crisis. Our students are falling ever farther behind their peers in the rest of the world.

The Wall Street Journal

Evolving Technology in Musical Education

Musical education has evolved well past the days of singing along as a teacher plays the piano. Today, psychologists understand that strong links between the mind's processing of information and the processing of music exist.

Kent State University

Autistic musicians shine at Boston Conservatory

There are many music therapy programs aiming to improve social, emotional, or cognitive skills. That is not the main point here. This is a music program about music.

The Boston Globe

Classical music crisis: schools today aren't building audiences

Just as everyone who plays college sports doesn't go on to a professional career, the same is true for students in university classical-music programs.

Trib Live

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