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Marcel Worms, Netherlands:
New Blues for Piano - A Project in Progress by Marcel Worms

Six Continents - Culture identity versus globalisation
A project by Eleonore Pameijer and Marcel Worms




photo: Jarko Aikens

Marcel Worms is a Dutch pianist, classically trained but also with a strong interest in jazz. In 1996 year he asked nine well-known Dutch composers to write him a Blues. He was curious to know what the Blues, one of the roots of jazz music and still in important point of departure and point of reference for many jazzmusicians, meant for the contemporary composer either with a classical background or classically educated. He premiered these Blues in January 1997 in Amsterdam (as well as a Blues written for him by Michael Finnissy) in the BIMHUIS, Amsterdams foremost jazzstage. At the end of 1997 again 12 new Dutch and foreign Blues were ready and were premiered at the Icebreaker, Centre for Contemporary Music in Amsterdam. Since then many other premieres took place, which were mostly recorded by Dutch radio.

Marcel Worms has laid contacts with composers in the countries where he will give or have allready given recitals recently. This has resulted in about 140 new compositions until now originating from over 35 different countries e.g. many European countries, Argentina, Brazil, China, Cuba, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, South-Africa, South-America, the Ukraine and the USA. The repertory is still growing.

The Blues proves to be a quite universal musical form where composers from different countries and different cultural backgrounds have their ideas about. The differences in cultural backgrounds of the different composers can be heard quite clearly in the different contributions to this project. The artist is worried about the increasing tendency of globalisation in contemporary music and this project could help to make make cultural differences in new music more clear.

Most of the Blues on this program last between 3 and 5 minutes. Of course 12- or 16-bars schemes, blue notes or I-IV-V chord changes are absolutely not a prerequisite. The pianist is only interested in Blues as a 'state of mind' so to speak. As Michael Finnissy expressed it: 'to be able to feel the Blues is necessary to survive in this world.....'.

Marcel Worms has played his Bluesprogram among others in the Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Cuba, the Czech Republic, Israël, Italy, Malaysia, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South-Africa, Spain, Uruguay, the Ukraïne and the U.S.A. In 1999 he has played it at the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Hague. In 2000 and 2001 concerts were given in South-Africa and Mozambique, in several European countries, in South America, China and the United States. In the fall of 2000 he toured the Balkan with his Bluesprogram and has played in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Bosnia, performing new Blues from all of these countries.

In 2001 he played the program in Warsaw at the Warsaw Autumn Festival and toured (in combination with a Tango program) through Argentina and China.

In 2002 he played it at the EU Jazz Festival in Mexico City , at the Festival 'Nuovi Spazi Musicali' in Rome and at the Audio Art Festiva in Cracow (Poland) and in 2003 he toured on Cuba.

The program has recently been recorded on CD and has been released in 2000 on the Dutch NM EXTRA label. A second CD with new Blues has been released in 2001.



September 2003- Blues composed (or to be composed) for Marcel Worms


 1.Margriet Hoenderdos  Augustus 1996 (1996)
 2.Willem van Manen  Request (1996)
 3.David Dramm  Otis plays Arnold (1996)
 4.Raaf Hekkema  Blauwe Maandag (Blue Monday) (1996)
 5.Guus Janssen  Blauwbrug (Bluebridge) (1996 )
 6.Martijn Padding  Laid Back (1996)
 7.Chiel Meijering  Wildplakkers ; Chiel de la Tourette Syndrome (1996)
 8.Maurice Horsthuis  Adieu Blues-version for piano solo- (1996)
 9.Maarten Altena  Snapshot II (1997)
10.Sumire Nukina  Blues for Tera (1997)
11.Ig Henneman  Hiragana Blues (1997)
12.Huba de Graaff  Als je honger hebt en je neus is leeg (1997)
(If you are hungry and your nose is empty...)
13.Paul Termos  Marcel's Blues (1997)
14.Peter van Onna  '...says Keith Jarret' (1997)
15.Theo Loevendie  The barpianist (1997) for piano and tape
16.Maarten van Norden  The Blues and the Abstract Truth (1997)
17.Willem Breuker  Ammehoela (1997)
18.Ron Ford  Lachrymae (1997)
19.Franky Douglas  Fast Bird - Open Air - Jive (version 1997)
20.Christina Oorebeek  Prismatic Blues: 1.Primary Blue 2.Indigo 3.The Prussian Boogie (1997)
 21.Misha Mengelberg  Wat volgt (What's next) (1997)
 22.David Little  Out of the Clear Blue Sky (1998)
 23.Michiel Braam  Worms is back! (1998)
 24.Rudi Martinus van Dijk  A touch of the Blues (1998)
 25.Dolf de Kinkelder  Gejaagd door de kwint (Drownsome Blues) (1998)
 26.Otto Ketting  Palace Hotel (1998)
 27.Jeff Hamburg  Uncle Mendel's Ukranian Blues (1999)
 28.Jacob ter Veldhuis  Honky Tonk Blues (1999)
Off and On situation Blues (1999)
 29.Bob Zimmerman  A can of Blues (1999)
 30.Alex Manassen  Superficial Blues (1999)
 31.Sinta Wullur  Bali in Blue (1999)
 32.Christian Blaha  Zzaj? (1999)
 33.Curtis Clark  Ashland (2000)
 34.Vincent van Warmerdam  Cradlerockin' Blues (2000)
 35.Hanna Kulenty  Drive Blues (2000)
 36.Cor Fuhler  Moncle (2000)
 37.Daan Manneke  Blues for Marcel (2000)
 38.Burton Greene  Buddy's Bitonal Blues II (2000)
 39.Ton de Kruyf  Ice-Blue Kiss (2000)
 40.Douwe Eisenga  Growing worm, stabbing his back-part slowly into the blues (2001)
 41.Vanessa Lann  Leap of Faith (2000)
 42.Caroline Ansink  Scoring (2001)
 43.René Samson  Blues? Hin DA mith! (2001)
 44.Anton Goudsmit  I woke up this morning and walked down the street (2001)
 45.Ronald Snijders  Amor e Saudade (2001)
 46.Leo Samama  Some kind of Blues (2002)
 47.Robert Nasveld  Frozen Blues (2002)
 48.Arend Niks  Big Busy Building Blues(2002)
 49.Loek Dikker  South Side Ground Zero Boogie Blues (2003)
 50.Toek Numan  Hitch (2003)
 51.Christiaan de Jong  Manchas negras (2003)
 52.Ronald Hallier  Booze (2003)
 53.Hans Koolmees  New work (2003)
 54.Yannis Kyriakides  New work (2003)
 55.Marlon Titre  New work (2003)
 56.Joost Kleppe  Memento (2003) and new work (2004)
 57.Mayke Nas  New work (2003)


 Alicia Terzian  Tango Blues (1999)
 Diana Elena Rud  De Fulgores y Sombras (2001)
 Juan Maria Solare  Red, a deconstructed Blues(2001)


 Christoph Cech  Neubau 16 (2000)
 Christian Skokan  Blues mal Wurzel Drei (2000)
 Ulli Rennert  Nu Blu (2000)


 Stephane VandeGinste  On the road (1997)
"Rock'romatique" (2002)
 Patrick de Clerck  Elegia (1997)
 Raoul De Smet  Blues Fantasy (1998)


 Gheorghi Arnaoudov  "...A Husky Fifenote Blew..."(1998)
 Lubomir Denev  Caress (1997)


 Jorge Antunes  Blues (2000)
 Gilberto Mendes  Warum Blues (2001)
 Dartiu Xavier da Silveiro  Blue Bossa (2001)
 Aldo Brizzi  Blue (2001)


 Rafael Diaz  Blues for Jorge Teillier (1999)


 Zou Hang  Distance of Jazz (1998)
 Zhang Yang  Blues Wind (1999)
 Gao Ping  Blue Mask (2002)


 Srdan Dedic  All that Blues (2000)
 Mladen Tarbuk  Rebel's Blues (2000)


 Roberto Valera  Van Gogh's Blue Ear (2003)

Czech Republic

 Emil Viklicky  Fanósu (2000)
 Vaclav Kucera  My blue soul (2000)
 Martin Marek  Hi-castle Blues (2000)


  Lars Graugaard  Stretch and conceal (2002)


 Michael Finnissy  Honky Blues (1996)
 Joe Cutler  Buckley's Hot Licks (2002)


 Thomas Bloch  New work (2002)


 Mauricio Kagel  'Ragtime' from 'Westen' (version for piano solo) 1993/'94
 Shigaera Kan-no  Frageolett + Passacaglia = Blues??? (2001)
 Pèter Köszeghy  Wrath (2001)
 Valerio Sannicandro  Sacrae Cantiones (2001)
 Marcus Antonius Wesselman  Solo 7 - Moto Blues (2001)
 Joanna Stepalska  Amsel Blues (2001)
 Moritz Eggert  Highway 61 (2001)
 Dimitri Terzakis  Dorian Blues (2001)
 Rochus Aust  Wormser Nibelungen Blues 2002)
 Tobias Klaus Giesen  Blues (2001)
 Yasuko Yamaguchi  Zwölf (2002)
 Christian Banasik  Spell out (2002)
 Georg Hajdu  Blue Marble (2002)
 Matthias Drude  Bluespressivo(2002)
 Manfred Weiss  2 Blues (2002)
 Alexander Keuk  Luc & Theo having some drinks at the flamingo bar (2002)
 Sergei Newski  New work (2003)


 Panayotis Leftheris  Balcan Blues (2001)


 Sapto Raharjo  New work (2003)


 Alon Netuschahan  Ancient City Blues (1999)
 Ari Ben-Shabetai  Blues and White (2000)
 Anat Fort  New work (2003)


 Luca Macchi  Marinella's Blues (1998)
 Elvio Cipollone  Variazioni per pianoforte su un tema Blues (1998)
 Stefano Giannotti  Blue (2001)


 Shigaera Kan-no  Frageolett + Passacaglia = Blues??? (2001)
 Yasuko Yamaguchi  Zwölf(2001)
 Kaori Okatani  Blue Blues(2002)


 Jamilia Jazylbekova  New work (2003)


 Rafet Rudi  Pristhina Blues (2001)


 Jana Andreevska  Scattered Blues (2000)


 Valérie Ross  Jigsaw Blues (1999)


 Ignacio Baca  Kerouacmexicablues(2002)
 Alvaro Herrera  Bablús (2002)
 Arturo Villela  If only I had known...(2002)
 Eugenio Toussaint  New work (2003)


 Miko Alekcis  Referendum Blues (2000)


 Justino Chemane  Nganda Blues (2000)


 Paul Jankowski  New work (2003)


 Patricia Almeida  New work (2003/2004)
 Sara Carvalho  New work (2003/2004)
 Daniel Schvetz  New work (2003/2004)


 Irinel Anghel  Metablues (2000)
 Dan Dediu  Ubu Blues (2000)


 Faradsch Karajew  Monsieur Bee Line-eccentric (1997)
 Victor Jekimovsky  Accordo fixe (1997)
 Vladimir Nikolaev  Extreme Blues (1997)


 Ana Mihajlovic  A Sad Smile Blues (2000)
 Tatjana Milosevic  Buzzle(2000)
 Jasna Velikcovic  Supersub (2000)


 Bang Wenfu  The Golden Shoe (1998)


 Larisa Vrhunc  To The Last Madrigal (2001)


 Iris Szeghy  Bolero Blues (2000)


 Martin Scherzinger  When One Has the Feet of Wind (1999)
 Deepak Ram  Give five (2000)
 Jurgen Brauninger  Slogging with a zoll (2000)
 Michael Blake  38 A Hill Street Blues (2000)


 Riccardo Massari Spiritini  Blues Records (2003)


 Peter Schuback   It was once upon a blues (2001)


 John Wolf Brennan  Silly Blooze (1999)


 Karmella Tsepkolenko  Out of the Blues (1997)


 Elbio Rodríguez Barilari  Luna de Plata (1999)


 Joseph Landers  Rood en Wit Blues (1997)
 Chester Mais  Special # 1 Revisited (2000)
 Neely Bruce  Billings Blues (2001)
Fairfield Prelude (2001)
 Robert Carl  Blues Box (2003)



Eleonore Pameijer -

Marcel Worms -

photo: Jarko Aikens

We live in an age in which borders are fading. The world is getting smaller thanks to the blessings of increased mobility and the internet, and communication is easier than ever. With these blessings also comes the dangers of decreased diversification and of losing our cultural identity. Interchangeable shopping malls sprout up all over the world and MacDonalds is everywhere.

In the meantime, rare languages and dialects disappear and most people prefer listening to mass-produced pop rather than to the music of their own culture. Will there still be room for the intimacy of ones own culture in this age of globalisation? This project was conceived in order to place this antithesis in a broader perspective by way of commissioning composers, giving musical performances and instigating discussions and publications.

New Compositions across Six Continents

For this project Eleonore Pameijer and Marcel Worms have asked composers from six continents (Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and Australia) to compose a work for flute and piano including elements that the composer considers essential to his or her culture in the broadest sense. One may consider him or herself culturally part of a region, a country, or even, for instance, part of a broader European or African culture. The borders of the culture to which one belongs are constantly shifting.

The composers will be asked to consider their own cultural identity and how that relates to the environment and the time in which we live. Consequently, the composer wil be asked to give shape to this "monologue intérieur" in a composition.

It is often said that if all the tango's ever composed were to be lost except for Stravinsky's "Tango" that everyone in the future would know exactly what a tango is. Stravinsky's "Tango" is apparently an archetypical ur-Tango in which everything that is essential to the genre can be heard. Similarly, we hope to be able to hear the essential aspects of the composer's musical culture in their compositions.

Planned Activities

* Concert Presentation including a discussion/conversation between the participating composers.

* Broadcast on Radio of the première concerts.

* The process will be able to be followed on the internet. Theproject will have its own interactive site. The première concerts will be live on the internet via a webcam.

*The results will be performed in all participating countries.

*The compositions will be recorded for CD

*All compositions as well as a summary of the discussions will be published as far as possible.

*A documentary will be made about the entire project.

*The project will extend over several years.

*The project will begin in the 2003-4 season, Premieres will be heard at the Royal Institute for the Tropics in Amsterdam on October 25, 2003 and on April 2, 2004 in coöperation with the Icebreaker,

*The following composers have agreed to participate so far:


From Holland:

Guus Janssen

Christina Oorebeek

Chiel Meyering

Ron Ford

David Dramm

Bob Zimmerman

Ronald Snijders

Sinta Wullur

Hanna Kulenty


Outside of Holland:

Martin Scherzinger (South Africa)

Alon Nechushtan (USA/Israël)

Gao Ping (China)

Ross Edwards (Australia)

Gilberto Mendes (South America)

Jalalu Kalvert Nelson (Switzerland/North America)

Dusan Bavdek (Slovenia)


Discussions are being held with diverse composers in-and outside of Europe at the moment.


Current state of the project:

*The IJsbreker has adopted, the project. This Dutch Modern Music Center will host the premieres.

* The VPRO, Radio 4, via group editor Aad van Nieuwkerk, has shown interest in being associated with the project.

* Gaudeamus (Henk Heuvelmans) will support the project via publicity and assisting with contacts outside of the Netherlands.

* Funding: diverse foundations and sponsors are currently being approached in order to help (co) finance the project. Already three of them have promised a grant.

*During each series of concerts 4 new composers and their works will be introduced. The first two premiere concerts are scheduled for October 25, 2003 and April 2, 2004 respectively at the Royal Institute for the Tropics in Amsterdam in coöperation with Music Centre 'de IJsbreker'.

Updated information can be found on Marcel Worms' website at

(November 2003)



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