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Aún falta representación de mujeres y personas no binarias en la industria de la música

El informe Fix the Mix estudió los hits musicales de 2022 para determinar qué tan alejada está la producción musical de la paridad de género.

Rolling Stones

Did Ed Sheeran steal from Marvin Gaye? Inside the trial that could shake up the music industry

The high-profile trial may leave a significant impact on the creative leeway songwriters have, experts say.

The Star

‘A male-dominated team does not reflect society’: why are only 5% of music producers women?

Beyond the stereotype of the knob-twiddling bloke are brilliant female producers, but gatekeeping, toxic masculinity and a lack of concrete support are holding them back.

The Guardian

A Private Place of Joy

Classical musicians of color search for belonging in a homogeneous world.


Intelligence artificielle : un danger pour la propriété intellectuelle des musiciens ?

Les récents développements de l'intelligence artificielle dans le domaine musical ont permis l'émergence d'outils capables de générer des morceaux automatiquement. Bien que fascinantes, ces technologies posent aussi de nouvelles questions d'ordre juridique, notamment sur la propriété intellectuelle.

Radio France

S.O.S. las giras sustentables en la música

Ahora, la industria de la música busca ser parte de la solución y no del problema, pues aquellos eventos masivos generan daños importantes al medio ambiente, con la sola emisión de dióxido de carbono, su concentración por el transporte de todos los asistentes y las cantidades de basura que deben manejarse tras su finalización.


Indian Music Industry Rep Inks ‘Historic’ Deal With Singers Association

India’s recorded music representative has inked a “historic agreement” with the Indian Singers Rights Association (ISRA), and the involved parties say that the pact will help the nation’s music industry to “become a global force.”

Digital Music News

Can you copyright a rhythm? Inside the reggaeton lawsuit that could shake the pop world

Two dembow progenitors are suing superstars including Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee – in a case that also names Justin Bieber – claiming that they deserve credit for birthing the genre.

The Guardian

The Dust of Colonialism: Eurocentrism in Art Music

The cultures of the world, like the oceans, are all interconnected. Every culture bears traces of other traditions and heritages, and no single culture can or should claim to be superior to another.

I Care If You Listen

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