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Here you can register to the 6th IMC World Forum on Music. Please check carefully the information you enter.

For press accreditation, please write to wfm6[at]

Please note that to ensure a fair access to the event, registration fees take into account the diversity of economic capacity worldwide by using the Human Development Index categorisation. Once you will have chosen your country of residence in the registration form, the system will automatically calculate your registration fee.

Early Bird (Until 15/07/2019)

  HDI Group   1&2   HDI   Group 3&4
IMC Members 120€ 60€
Non Members 190€ 110€
Students 80€ 40€

Late Registration

  HDI Group     1&2 HDI   Group 3&4
IMC Members 160€ 100€
Non Members 250€ 180€
Students 100€ 60€

One Day Pass: 120€

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IMC General Assembly, EMC Annual Meeting and other Regional Meetings

IMC General Assembly, EMC Annual Meeting and other Regional Meetings* 

27 - 28 September 2019 

27 September 2019 09.30 - 12.30 (in parallel)

Annual Meeting of the European Music Council

Meeting of the African Music Council

Meeting of the Music Council of the Three Americas

Meeting of members in the Arab region

Meeting of members in the Asia-Oceania region


27 September 2019 14.00 - 18.30

IMC 38th General Assembly

28 September 2019 09.30 - 16.30

IMC 38th General Assembly 

*reserved to IMC members


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Give me Five: The Five Music Rights in Action!

28 September - 1 October 2019
La Bellevilloise


The Forum will revolve around the five themes of the Music Rights. International experts, artists and inspirational speakers will share experiences and insights to highlight good practices and main challenges in the implementation of the Five Music Rights in the global music ecosystem.

Among the confirmed speakers: Olfa Arfaoui (Tunisia), Wally Badarou (France), Solange Cesarovna (Cabo Verde), Mary Cohen (USA), Jan Lothe Erikson (Norway), Ramy Essam (Egypt), Arthur Gill (Pakistan), Sonja Greiner (Germany), Lungile Jacobs (South Africa), Carl Jones (Ireland), Hoda AlKhamis-Kanoo (UAE), Tia Korpe (Denmark), Mary Luehrsen (USA), Kathryn Marsh (Australia), Louise Mitchell (UK), Mai Khoi (Do Nguyen) Vietnam, Mariam Obange (Kenya), Tabu Osusa (Kenya), Maria Claudia Parias (Colombia), Arn Chorn-Pond (Cambodia), Phloeun Prim (Cambodia), Frederick Rousseau (France), Alison Russo (USA), Alex Ruthmann (USA), Ahmad Sarmast (Afghanistan), Farzane Zamen (Iran), Shibin Zhou (China).



28 September 

19.00: Registrations and opening cocktail

A welcome evening to set the atmosphere and welcome participants from all over the world with music and champagne...Bienvenue à Paris!


29 September 2019 

09.30 - 12.30: Third Right - Musical Involvement for all

Involvement in music is many things to many people. For some, it is simply listening to or experiencing music; for many, it is participating in and expressing their own culture, playing musical instruments, singing in their own language or others, moving with and dancing to music. It is also related to the creation of original music and the preserving and development of musical traditions and, in many ways, to know music, to know about music and to have access to knowledge about music. There are many blocks to musical involvement, but at the same time so many ways to help people to be involved. To discover and investigate the IMC third right - the right to musical involvement - we have voices from Africa, North and South America, Asia and Europe, younger, older, male and female voices, performers, organisers and advocates.

Lunch: Music & Networking

14.00 - 17.00: Fifth Right - Just recognition and fair remuneration

In order to have fair remuneration for all musical artists there has to be just recognition of their contribution to the musical ecosystem, but, besides that, there needs to be consciousness about the value of music. It is value for artists, for listeners and for the society as a whole.
Join us in an in-depth discussion on the prerequisites for a thriving and diverse musical landscape, and how it can affect your society when the creatives, globally, are said to obtain an even stronger role in the future.

17.30: Networking cocktail

20.00: participants will be able to choose from a selection of concerts labelled “WFM” to discover the Paris' musical landscape 


30 September 2019

09.30 - 12.30: Fourth Right – Artistry development and communication through all media with proper facilities

This session promises to bring an insight on a global perspective of how individuals engage with music making and focuses on opportunities for all musical artists. This will be tackled from a variety of perspectives, including access to distribution channels and trends in professional training, which cover entrepreneurship, distance learning as well as (digital) media skills.

Lunch: Music & Networking

14.00 - 17.00: Second Right – Music Education for all

This session explores the right for all children and adults to learn musical languages and skills from a social justice perspective. We will address a range of challenging social settings, including music for women in Afghanistan; music for prisoners in the USA; music for young refugee/immigrant children in Australia; music for survivors of a devastating earthquake in China; recruiting a broad range of ethnic student populations into opera performance education in South Africa; the pursuit of diversity in school music programmes world-wide.

17.30: Networking cocktail

20.00: participants will be able to choose from a selection of concerts labelled “WFM” to discover the Paris' musical landscape 


01 October 2019 

09.30 - 12.30: First Right – Freedom of Expression

The right for all children and adults to express themselves musically in all freedom is something many of us - especially in Europe - take for granted, but sadly, that is not the case throughout the world and sometimes not even in Europe. In our session, we will be joined by distinguished guests who work with oppressed artists and by musicians who have themselves experienced the threat of imprisonment just for having created and performed great music. We will demonstrate that even in 2019 we have a lot to learn about both freedom of expression and freedom of movement. The language of music should be universal in its power to inspire and heal. Please join us to share in our experience and be inspired yourselves to reach out to your communities to ensure that music is indeed available to us all.

Lunch: Music & Networking

20.00: Final concert



IMC Village

The venue of the conference will also host the IMC Village, a place for networking where participants will be able to meet, discover and get inspired by the diversity of the actions of IMC members. Stands, showcases and poster presentations will animate the IMC Village during the entire duration of the World Forum on Music.
The perfect place to imagine new projects while having a drink or coffee!





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Give me Five! The 5 Music Rights in Action!

La Bellevilloise, Paris, 28 September - 1 October 2019 

The IMC World Forum on Music is conceived as an influential global platform for sharing knowledge about music and society in the 21st century, a platform that explores a variety of topics from different perspectives: cultural, political and economic. The topics go beyond the aesthetic aspects of music production and address the mechanisms that promote or inhibit the active participation of people in cultural experiences.

A non-commercial initiative, the forum allows government officials, private sector leaders, operators, activists, academics and practitioners to engage in high-level interdisciplinary discussions and brainstorm together on guidelines for action.
For the 6th edition of the Forum in 2019, the members of the IMC wished this edition to be held in Paris in honor of the 70th anniversary of the organization.

This year's Forum will once again be an important opportunity for IMC members to meet and engage with colleagues from other areas to broaden their horizons and find inspiration for new projects, even partners for their implementation.

In addition to members of IMC global network, the Forum will also be open to a broad audience of all those who work in music and those who are able to make decisions for better conditions in which music is celebrated - created, interpreted, disseminated, transmitted and learned, preserved, exchanged etc., all over the world.

The General Assembly of the IMC, Annual Meeting of the EMC and other regional meetings will take place on the sidelines of the Forum, on September 27 and 28.

Cooperation partners

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Major Event Partner

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WFM5 - 3 weeks to go! Discover Clusters and Signature Sessions

In less than three weeks, over 1,000 among musicians, producers, managers, administrators, festival directors, journalists, scholars, educators, facilitators, activists, policy makers and music lovers will discuss, plan, perform and experience the future of music on this planet.


5th IMC World Forum on Music: Sustaining music, engaging communities

This is our vision for what will happen in November 2013…

 Over 1,000 music professionals and other enthusiasts from all over the world descend upon the heart of the cultural precinct on Brisbane’s South Bank to discuss, plan, be part of, and experience the future of music on this planet: musicians, producers, managers, administrators, festival directors, journalists, scholars, educators, facilitators, activists, policy makers and other lovers of the art in its myriad forms and contexts.

 This is more than a conference. A session entitled ‘orchestral futures’ features a symphonic performance rudely interrupted by an official who reads out a mock obituary of the western orchestra. Planted members of the audience get up and voice rebuttals before the orchestra continues and ends quite differently from how it began. Next, parallel sessions offer Chinese traditional music in the courtyard, jazz on the outdoor stage, or an in-depth conversation on the achievements and challenges of music psychology in leather fauteuils in the library, the intellectual heart of the event.

 While a video installation continuously offers views and concerns about the future of music, a wall fills with the most successful music advocacy arguments internationally. An interactive demonstration of how mobile phones are increasingly shaping people’s musical lives  –from ringtones to downloads to finding live music and learning to play an instrument– is followed by a diner chantant under the stars featuring amazing voices from the worlds of opera, jazz, musical theatre, Tibetan overtone singing and Azerbaijani mugam.

This whets the appetite for the music theatre production performed by 12 music luminaries who arrived two weeks earlier to work with a celebrated opera director offering their view of musical futures. While you are here you might want to look at the list of top 10 online poker websites in the world. Visit this website to view list of top 10 poker websites. On the way, a community music production brings together 100 voices and instruments from all over Queensland. After these events, there is the music bar to network and relax, or the music world café, which has ongoing large screen video links to music communities in Asia, Africa and Latin America who could not attend.

 But the global dialogue starts long before that. Between July 2012 and November 2013, over 1,000 individuals involved in music are asked to speak on camera for no more than five minutes on what they see as the greatest challenges or opportunities for music in their particular field of music -whether it is music libraries or the world stage. These videos are made available online on a dedicated website, and set the agenda for the Brisbane gathering. At the conference, they will be playing continuously in the foyer of the conference venue, while five of the most outspoken voices from different continents will lead a debate on key issues for global musical futures.

The effects of the 5th World Forum on Music will resonate well beyond its time and place. Key events will be live streamed throughout the event and vodcast after. Physical and online participants will be invited to identify key issues that arise, while seven carefully selected rapporteurs will make notes during sessions and in the corridors. These will feed into The Brisbane Declaration , an action agenda approved by the 35th IMC General Assembly immediately after the Forum to set some of the key priorities and actions for the world of music globally towards 2020. These will be subsequently disseminated widely and proactively to help shape sustainable, engaged music practices across the planet.

 We count on you to work with us to make this vision become a reality!

 We call upon you to bring as many members of your network as possible to Brisbane!

 The 5th IMC World Forum on Music will be co-organised by the International Music Council, the Music Council of Australia and Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre, Griffith University.



The 1st IMC World Forum on Music took place in Los Angeles, October 1-3, 2005. A selection of papers is available in book form.

3WFM Session overview

Tunis, October 17-22, 2009


Under each session, you will have access to the overall presentation of the session by the session coordinator and to papers given by speakers.

Session I : Supporting musical diversity

Session II: The Changing Paradigms of Cultural Policy

Session III: Riding the Digital Tiger

Session IV: Music Education from Advocacy to Practice

Session V: Challenges to Art Music

3WFM Session V


Tunis, October 17-22, 2009


In a world overrun by celebrity and superficiality, is there an audience for the disciplines and profound thruths of art music? 

Convenor and chairperson of the session: Timo Cantell

The idea of the session is to map out – with the help of the presenters and their various orientations - what the state of affairs of the so-called art music is in various parts of the world with regards to their audiences. During the session the presenters provide factual data to discuss potential changes of the audience base while also addressing the expectations and needs of the current audiences. In addition, the question of non-attendees, i.e., those who do not show interest in art music, will be discussed.

One particular area of interest is the relationship between the so-called live music audience and those who listen to music via radio, records, the internet etc. How does the internet and media culture in general influence reception patterns and the state of the art music? And what is the role of the popular culture where the celebrity winners might take it all while less well-known artists and music forms might not prosper? Or this is the right analysis? In addition to understanding the present situation, the session explores challenges for the art music in the future.

While there are some arguments that people are “dumbing down” and therefore do not pay much attention to the art music, some counter arguments exist to show that people are indeed “wising up”. The reason for this is that on average young generations in various parts of the world have much higher education than previously and that education is a key determining factor why people become interested in the arts, evening the so called “high arts” and art music.

The overall aim of the session is to share experiences, to provide some explanations, to open up understanding of the art music situation and its reception in various parts of the world.

Timo Cantell


Discussions on visitors and non-visitors of classical and ethnic European music concerts
Timo Cantell (Finland) (paper and powerpoint)

From Classical to Ugandan church music: shifting the nature of art music and its audiences in Uganda
Sylvia Nannyonga-Tamusuza (Uganda)

Indian art music and the changing audiences worldwide
Dr. Suvarnalata Rao (India) (paper)

Tunisian music and sound environment in the beginning of the 21st century

Mourad Sakli (Tunisia) (paper)

The Challenge of Popular Culture
Greg Sandow (USA) (paper)

Project presentations

‘Music takes care of me!’- Motivating children for music in the concert hall
Graça Boal Palheiros (Portugal)  (abstract / paper)

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